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Did you know the REALTOR® Foundation has its own endowment fund?  

Endowment funds are a critical source of support for a nonprofit organization, like the REALTOR® Foundation. An endowment functions as a special type of permanent savings account. The principal of the account is never spent, while the investment income is available to support the general operations of the Foundation, including grants. 
Financial sustainability of the organization has been a strategic goal of the Foundation since its inception. The goal is to grow the endowment to sustain and expand grant-making in perpetuity. The endowment fund can also ensure grant-making continues even in difficult fundraising climates and economic downturns.   

Many of our supporters see this importance and choose to donate directly to the endowment fund, make donations in memorial, or establishing their own donor designated fund. Learn more about the REALTOR® Foundation’s endowment fund, strategies and tax benefits for various donation methods, and additional resources here

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