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Why We Do It - Janice's Story

Earlier this year, we at the REALTOR® Foundation and our Board of Directors reviewed, critiqued, and revised our mission and vision statements. We felt it needed to more accurately portray the broad spectrum of homelessness that our grantees seek to serve, and the even broader range of care necessary for those that have experienced the trauma of being without a home. Our mission now states that we support local nonprofit organizations solving homelessness in central Indiana. We envision our community where everyone has a safe place to call home.

Stories like Janice’s, a single mother of three children, help to open our eyes to the broad spectrum of reasons that cause homelessness and the barriers that exacerbate it. Homelessness is not always visible on the surface. Often, it is a woman like Janice, running from a violent situation at home with nowhere to go. She sought help at Holy Family Shelter, another grantee of the Foundation, and within hours Holy Family had her and her children safe in a hotel (shelters are often full and seek other housing solutions for their clients). They brought food, clothing, personal care items, pots, pans, and utensils for the kitchenette in the hotel, and asthma medicine for her middle child. The following morning, she met with a case manager who began an assessment in six core areas: health, housing, income, children's needs, legal, and education. The case manager assisted Janice in identifying her needs and setting case plan goals. Janice was already employed, so her main goals were to seek counseling services in order to address her past trauma and to obtain safe and affordable housing. Janice's case manager coordinated these counseling services which provided Janice with helpful techniques to address her oldest son's behavioral issues, as well as a Trauma Support Group in which she participated regularly. Janice was eventually accepted into a rapid rehousing program, where she was able to move into her own apartment with her children.

Because of the transitional housing services supported by REALTOR® Foundation grants, Janice was able to begin counseling services, improve her parenting skills, obtain childcare, increase her employment hours and income, form a budget that she was able to stick to, and obtain her own housing. Janice was able to successfully provide a stable environment for herself and her three children. She showed significant growth throughout her services at Holy Family Shelter and was able to provide the life for her children that she had always dreamed of giving them.

We at the REALTOR® Foundation believe everyone deserves a safe home. We would love for you to get involved with our mission to make that a reality for everyone in our community. Donate your time, your money, your resources- anything you can give supports our cause to link hope to homelessness.

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