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Human Trafficking and Homelessness in Central Indiana

It is hard to believe that human trafficking is happening in our local communities, but it is not something we can ignore. In 2019, 157 cases of human trafficking were reported in Indiana. Of these, forty-two percent of victims were brought into trafficking by a member of their own families. Thirty-nine percent were recruited via an intimate partner or a marriage proposition. The majority of profits made from human trafficking come from sexual exploitation. This horrific crime is alive in our central Indiana communities, and it is going to take your help to address why and how our youth, on average just 13 years old, become victims.  

So how does the REALTOR® Foundation’s mission to support local nonprofits solving homelessness relate to ending human trafficking? Unstable housing is one of the top 5 risk factors for trafficking vulnerability, along with youth experiencing homelessness, substance use, mental health barriers, and recent migration. The REALTOR® Foundation supports 23 local organizations that strive to address these specific issues with each one of their clients through case management, secure housing solutions, medical treatment, job assistance, and safe havens. Every LGBTQ+ youth residing at Stopover, Inc, is one safe from falling victim to trafficking. Every woman at Dove Recovery House is on her way to self-stability and her own home, reducing her vulnerability. And every individual rescued from the local sex industry by Grace Horizon is given the resources to live a healthy, stable life, free from the threat of trafficking.  

Beyond these amazing acts, Grace Horizon also provides a haven for survivors of sex trafficking. They are a community of survivors in central Indiana supporting each other in the recovery from violence and exploitation. They approach anti-trafficking through building relationships, offering resource support, and providing a safe space for survivors to recover. Through coaching, counseling, friendship, safe housing, and life skills training, Grace Horizon walks with each of their clients on their path toward healing and rediscovering wholeness.  

Housing is healthcare, and housing is safety. Every risk factor for trafficking vulnerability addressed by REALTOR® Foundation grantees is helping to end and prevent this heinous act from happening in our communities. We hope you will join our mission to solve homelessness in central Indiana. Head over to our grantee page to see how we are working toward our vision that everyone has a safe place to call home. 

For more information on human trafficking and resources for survivors, visit for a Resources for Victims of Human and Sex Trafficking guide.

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