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Top Ten Reasons to give at Closing

  1. Small gifts can add up to a big impact.
  2. For many offices, it’s as easy as filling out a box on the closing form or a form at the beginning of the year.
  3. It’s tax-deductible.
  4. Receive a year-end statement for tax purposes.
  5. Make yours in honor of another agent or clients.
  6. Save your own stamp – your office handles it all.
  7. A $25 gift at one closing per month gets you listed on the Heroes of Hope wall in the MIBOR lobby.
  8. Your office could win a coveted award.
  9. Participation signals a commitment to your industry.
  10. You won’t miss a few dollars, but central Indiana’s homeless will benefit.

Put your office on top in 2021! Contact Gabie Benson about setting up transactional giving in your office.

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