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REAL Challenge

REAL Fundraising Challenge

REAL Class Fundraising Challenge 2022

What is the REAL Challenge? A one day, 24-hour challenge to see which REAL class of alumni can raise the MOST amount of money for the REALTOR® Foundation and our mission to solve homelessness in central Indiana. 

Last year’s campaign raised over $68,000. Although the Class of 2016 ultimately reigned supreme (again), the classes of 2022, 2020, 2013, and 2014 were not far behind! Watch out! The newbies of the class of 2023 are coming in hot! 

When is the Challenge? Tuesday, October 25 is the big day! Put it on your calendar, circle it, and add a gold star! You will have from Midnight to Midnight to collect donations online for your REAL Class.

How do you raise money? Each class will have their own unique web page for collecting donations at Simply click on your team, donate, and keep track of the action! All donations must be made online and on October 25th to count for the challenge.  

Anyone can give to your class! Solicit donations from your office, company, friends, family, and other class members. You are only limited by your own creativity! Each class has a team captain to lead your efforts.

What do you win? Your class year mounted on the REAL Challenge Champions Trophy displayed at MIBOR. More importantly, bragging rights as the best REAL Class! 

The real winner is the REALTOR® Foundation and our most vulnerable neighbors who will benefit from our mission to solve homelessness in central Indiana.