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Homelessness In Central Indiana

  • Over 2,000 people are without a safe place to sleep on any given night in central Indiana. CHIP Indy projects that around 12,000 people will become homeless during a calendar year in our area. 
  • More than half of these individuals are Black or African American. 
  • At least 17% are American Military Veterans, of which women are the fastest growing number. 
  • Job loss or loss of other income is the #1 cause of homelessness. 
  • The average age of a person experiencing homelessness is 7 years old. 
  • Domestic violence accounts for half of all women and children experiencing homelessness. 
  • The majority of those experiencing homelessness often go unseen- single parents sleeping in their cars, couch surfing youth, families scraping by in derelict hotels. 
When there is a scarcity around housing or any other resource, it is the most vulnerable among us that fall between the cracks.

Our Mission & Vision

The REALTOR® Foundation supports local nonprofits solving homelessness in central Indiana because we all need a safe place to call home

Celebrate Our Success

Foundation grants touch thousands of lives every year. Here are just a few of the amazing things our grantees accomplished in 2022 to solve homelessness in central Indiana: 

  • Wellspring of Morgan County distributed over 50,000 pounds of food in their community.
  • With a REALTOR® Foundation grant, Family Promise of Hamilton County hired a Housing Specialist and Eviction Program Family Advocate, who supports and mediates for our vulnerable neighbors facing eviction. 
  • Dayspring Center programs prevented evictions for 77 families.
  • Coburn Place Safe Haven provided 141 sessions of financial literacy, life skills programming, and educational workshops for their residents. They also provided 142 employment-based referrals to support survivors of domestic violence in their journey to independence. 
  • Foundation funds continued to support Gennesaret Free Clinic's barrier buster fund that provides a crucial financial springboard to self-sufficiency as their patients obtain employment, get enrolled in public benefit programs, and move into housing of their own.
  • Family Promise had 45 families graduate from their emergency housing program into their own home in 2022.
  • Sheltering Wings' 24/7 helpline received 1,511 crisis calls, providing survivors with information and resources needed to take the next steps to safety. 182 victims (women and men with their children) have received safe housing, free from abuse in shelter at their facility.
  • Alternatives, Inc served a total of 256 unduplicated individuals by their housing programs. Of the adult survivors participating in case management 92% have exited to safe and secure housing of their choice.

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